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Ríos Espinosa Abogados, S.C. Ríos Espinosa Abogados, S.C. (the Firm) is a law firm founded in 1999, with main offices in Mexico City

Ríos Espinosa Abogados, S.C. (the Firm) is a law firm founded in 1999, with main offices in Mexico City, that offers advisory and legal services regarding corporate law, securities exchange markets, financial, banking, corporate governance, compliance, industrial property and copyright matters to international and domestic companies and financial intermediaries, in domestic, international and cross-border transactions.

The Firm has developed a widely renowned experience in specialty matters, such as corporate and compliance advisory, audits regarding legal risk management and antimony laundering and terrorism financing (AML/CFT), as well as, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings and intellectual property, among others.

Its founding partner, an experienced attorney, as well as, all the associates in the Firm, have advised a number of individuals and corporations in and outside Mexico in connection with a wide variety of legal matters, and each of them has accumulated knowledge and experience in such topics, while their familiarity with other languages helps to cross cultural barriers and provides assuredness while clients carry out their transactions in Mexico.

The Firm maintains a policy committed to a client–attorney relationship at a personal level. The partners are aware of the fact that the ideal relationship is based upon strong personal understanding and mutual respect.

Being aware of the scope and importance of legal matters, the Firm maintains a network relationship with other independent lawyers, through which it can meet the needs of its clients in specific areas, such as labor, insurance, environmental, energy, litigation and arbitration.